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I did a good bit of my growing up in Baltimore.   Though my parents moved out to WV eventually.    I started playing guitar at 10.   It was this old classical that was strung with steel strings.      From there it's taken me on a pretty cool ride.     I've had the opportunity to play in a pretty good local band, I've done recording work for others, given lessons, repaired stuff, all that.       Nowdays though i just go to work and come home and play.   Well, whenever I don't bang my hands up too much.   I'm trying to get back into school for my bachelors degree in music and then onto performance at another school.    I still play a lot and come up with stuff.    But I haven't been in a band for over 5 years now.    I actually don't mind that part of it.    I don't have to deal with any of that.     I'd like to get into teaching so I can actually do something I like.   It doesn't pay much, but I live off of next to nothing now so I think I could deal with that part.    I always figured I'd never be well off financially.    But that doesn't matter as much as having some enjoyment out of what I do. 

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