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@dk   11 months ago
Such a merry looking train of TC Electronics mini pedals! But how practical are they in studio or touring context? What at your opinion is their real use? A tiny reverb pedal that can only keep one preset, no-tap delay and one-switch looper which is challenging to operate are not the best stage companions imho.

I have other extreme - the Cathedral reverb and Flashback x4 in touring. They weight a lot. And x4 which combines delay and looper (both of excellent quality) is also challenging piece of gear because it does not allow to have delay AND looper operatied at the same time.
@fl3k   11 months ago
I agree with @dk, IMHO those pedals sound kinda cool and there are a lot of tweaking posibilities when connected to the computer but I don't like depending on the computer to configure them. Call me classic, but prefer being able to configure them rotating some knobs (two or three of them at least). ;)
@dk   11 months ago
They should be designed for some specific purpose, interesting to understand what for :)
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