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The Best Ear Training Exercise For Guitar Players

"To train your ear you should learn to recognize all your intervals"... How many times you have heard that? And maybe you can recognize all your intervals by ear, but still you can't play on your guitar the melodies you hear.

So what is not there yet?

As you know, online there are countless tutorials and videos on ear training. Some of them ask you recognize chords, other to sing intervals. And yet, most likely you are not practicing any of those exercises... because all these tutorial have at least one of these two issues:

  1. They are too difficult for you. I have seen videos in which the instructor plays 2 notes of a chord and asks you to sing the 3rd... labeled as "lesson 1". It's a great exercise, but most people who want to train their ear simply can't do that yet! They need a more gradual approach!

  2. They are not directly applicable to what you want to do. You want to be able to play the melody that is sounding in your head, not be able to recognize intervals. YES, learning the intervals will help... but how many guitarists out there can recognize all their intervals but still can't transcribe a melody? (Answer: many)

It does not take a genius to realize that the two points above are the reason why you do not have a great ear yet. Of course you do not know how to train your ear by yourself - like you did not know how to play the guitar before you learned it from a teacher or other resources - and what you find out there for ear training seems too hard or useless.

It's not really strange, then, that most guitar players prefer to spend their time playing their guitar and not doing ear training. It's about time that we find a better approach to this, don't you agree?

In the video below I take a student like you, who wanted a more gradual approach. And in few minutes she is able to... well, I'm not spoiling the surprise here :) Watch the video, follow along, and you will see.

As you can see, all this happens in just a few minutes. This really is the best way for guitar players to get started on ear training, and it's directly applicable to your real-life playing.

So, would you like to invest 10 minutes or your time to get to do what I do in the video?

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Joseph Lopez
@josephlopez   2 years ago
Nice lesson Tommasso-as always! Practicing singing what I'm playing has helped me a lot with my phrasing, I have not tried doing interval leaps as you explained in the video but I'll definitely start practicing that way too, thanks for sharing!