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How To Change Up Your Guitar Solos Licks

When we aren't continuously pushing ourselves to learn new things with our guitar playing, it's easy to get into a habit of repeatedly playing the same licks. You might try to learn a new lick, but then even that turns into your same go-to sound.

You could try going and learning a new scale or two. And maybe thats enough of a change in sound for a while, what with the new notes and intervals and all. But somehow even that morphs into your same usual vibe. Why is that??

This can be a difficult place for a player to find themselves in. It can even be enough to have them stop playing all together. The whole point of improvising is creating new musical ideas on the spot. And if you find yourself unable to do it, it can feel like maybe you've run your creative juices dry.

The truth is, creativity needs to be practiced just like anything else. And finding yourself in a creative rut is totally normal.

What seems to be the problem is that often players will practice their arpeggios and scales to death, forgetting other things that are also important to improvising. This is what gets them trapped in certain playing patterns.

What's nuts is that when you are in these routine playing patterns, you probably don't even realize it is happening. If you did, you would quickly be able to see the problem and fix it.

How is this fixed? Watch the following video in which I help a student break free of this very problem. I will show him a few easy to play exercises and even by the end of the video you will be able to hear the difference it makes.

All the examples I show are what you can use in your own playing to also help put and end to your creative slump. A drastic change can be made within only a few minutes of playing.

I recommend watching this video with your instrument in hand to quickly feel the difference in your playing. It doesn't take much to start seeing a positive change!

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Joseph Lopez
@josephlopez   2 years ago
Wow this is a great video! I agree with you, rhythm is the very first thing you should be thinking about when improvising and creating melodies. The foot trick for 'feeling' the upbeats is super useful.