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How To Create A Song From An Idea

What do you do when you are in the middle of walking your dog and all the sudden your thoughts are consumed with an amazing idea for a song? That excited feeling starts to fade pretty quick once you realize you are not prepared to turn this amazing idea in to an actual tune.

Now that's the big question, once you have a song idea in your head, what should you do next?

Before I tell you what I would suggest, take some time to open up a word document and write a list of your own thoughts or ideas. It only takes a couple minutes and I promise you will learn more from putting in a little extra work now.

Are you finished writing the list? Good! Now lets review what some of your answers might be.

Perhaps your first thought was to reach for your phone and record your ideas that way. Not a bad idea, but theres something else you should do first.

One of your ideas might have been to grab the nearest instrument to play out what you hear in your head. Well, this is still not quite what you want to be doing.

Or maybe you have told yourself to just let the idea slip away and hope for the best that it comes back to you at a better time. Once again, this answer is wrong.

Well if all these answers are wrong, then what should you do? What you SHOULD do is watch the video below in which I explain to you the best method of capturing inspiration.

Now tell me, did you already have this on your list? Or is this your first time hearing about it? If it is, I hope it works as a useful tool in the future and that your next hit song may finally be realized.

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@fl3k   2 years ago
Interesting approach here and lot of good ideas to translate feelings into songs.
When the feeling is a permanent one, it seems easier for me to do, but some of them are quite evanescent so this makes a lot of sense.
To be honest, I never took the time to write the initial idea into a piece of paper, I never did it this way, but I will try to follow this approach for the next ones to see the results.

I think you summarized a lot of problems and provided nice solutions for many problems every composer finds from one time to another.
Keep it up Tomasso!
@ddaneskovic   2 years ago
These are very useful tips about songwriting by Tomasso. I started to think in different point after reading notes about songwriting from Tomasso in general. I even composed one song for my 6 years old child inspirited by these notes. Thanks...