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Bringing Life To Your Lifeless Guitar Chord Progression

Learning basic chord progressions is important to any musician first starting out. However, every student will reach a point when they are ready to take those chords to the next level. Luckily, getting to that next level is actually a lot more attainable than you may think.

There are many musicians who have run into this problem. They learn how to play a chord progression, and can see that they are hitting all the right notes, but even with all this knowledge their playing still feels a little lacklustre.

Its easy to begin to think "Perhaps I just don't have that magic touch that those other musicians appear to have."

Well I got some good news for you. It doesn't cost a thing (except for a little time and practice). All these other guitarists are doing are adding a few simple techniques to their playing. With this video I am going to teach you one handy trick that will quickly make your chord progressions shine.

It's not rocket science. By adding in little changes to the chords you've learned so far, your playing is going to start sounding remarkably better. You can hear it for yourself. The following video not only teaches you how to start applying these techniques yourself, but also what it sounds like when they are used properly.

This new way of playing is quite subtle, but it really makes a huge difference. And now you know how to easily incorporate it into your own playing. Go ahead and challenge yourself to try adding this technique into at least one chord progression a day.

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@pauljones   2 years ago
Excellent lesson! I've always liked the sound of the 9th, both as an add9 and as a chord extension (m9 or maj9). I discovered the add9 when learning to play 'Message In A Bottle' by The Police. They seem to like the add9 in their progressions too!
@fredguitar   2 years ago
Food for thought . Definitely going to try it on some progressions .