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How Metallica Creates Unsettling Sounds In Their Clean Arpeggios

Halloween is at the door. Get ready for it by learning a few unsettling arpeggios that can spice up your songs.

Let's start from this: there is something that Metallica, Pink Floyd, and the X-files theme all have in common. Can you guess what? They all use the very same interval to create that mysterious sound that signals you that something dangerous is coming.

do you want to know what that trick is? In the video below I explain what it is and how many different artists use it in their song. We are going to see Metallica, Pink Floyd, and the X-files theme... but also Bela Bartok and Tori Amos!

And then, once we have learned how they make this trick work, we are going to see together how YOU can use it in your music in original ways. No copying!

Watch this video now:

As you can see, just a little theory here goes a LONG way - and there are lots of options open to write your own music. So get writing... or just learn the X-files theme for your Halloween party :)

Joseph Lopez
@josephlopez   2 years ago
This is dope man, those are really awesome sounding chords, especially the ones with open strings. Another note that I also like to use when conveying tension or mystery is the b2. It works very well both in dominant and minor chords.