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Make An Exotic Guitar Sound By Imitating A Japanese Instrument

This is NOT "yet another lesson on how to play Jazz on guitar" - there are already many of those. No, this is a lesson on how to play exotic scales and going a little beyond the 'usual' guitar techniques.

In the video below I use a scale called 'Hirajoshi' (it's technically a tuning, but it works as a scale too) and I pair it with some quirky bends to make it sound exotic, imitating the phrasing of instruments like the Japanese Koto or the Chinese Guzheng.

This is an effect you can learn in few minutes and you can use it:

  • to have fun!
  • at a jam session to surprise your friends
  • as a bridge or breakdown in your next song

As you have just seen, this is as simple as it gets. It may take a little practice to get the right phrasing, but you'll do it quickly. Of course you can change anything (the phrasing or the scale) and make it yours and make it sound different. Have fun!

@fl3k   2 years ago
@pauljones   2 years ago
Sounds awesome! I wonder what other scales or modes would sound good using this bending technique.
@makko   2 years ago
Nice sound! I think this scale is really similar to some medieval choir scales, the modal ones. and the bend seems to reproduce the quarter of whole tone in the asiatic culture! thumbs up!