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Suggestions on Inside/Alternative soloing scales to the major/maj7 chord

In this video lesson I'll show inside and alternative soloing scales to the maj7 chord and it´s to the Gmaj7 chord!

When playing inside you can use the G ionian scale that's the common major scale (Root - 2nd - major 3rd - perfect 4th -perfect 5th - major 6th - major 7th).
When you choose a scale you can find other scales within that scale. I think of scales that way and it's open up to find new ways in the ”searching of scales”. In the G ionian scale you'll find the G major pentatonic scale (Root (G) - 2nd - major 3rd - perfect 5th - major 6th).
You'll also find the G major triad and the Gmaj7 chord tones.

When playing alternative scales you can use the G lydian scale as the base scale. The tones in the G lydian scale are (Root - 2nd - major 3rd - augmented 4th -perfect 5th - major 6th - major 7th). When you choose the G lydian scale you'll find the F# minor pentatonic scale (Root (F#) - minor 3rd - perfect 4th -perfect 5th - minor 7th).
You'll also find the A major triad and the Dmaj7 chord tones.

With the lydian scale as the base scale you get more tension in the sound. You can also say that it´ll be a more jazzier sound. The augmented 4th or 11th as I say in the video is what gives that tension and it´s interesting that this tone is the only tone that differs from the ionian scale that has the perfect 4th.

These scales are my suggestions and the intention with this lesson is to give you a tool to find your own scales. I will also say that the inside and alternative scales are most individual depending on what style you play and how you want it to sound. So… choose a diatonic scale or another sort of scale and search for pentatonic scales, triads and 7th chord tones within that scale and you´ll find new ways to choose scales to a particular chord. I found the Dmaj7 chord tones over the Gmaj7 chord in that way. You don´t need to like that combination but as I said you should find your own scales.

I start from modal soloing in this lesson that´ll works in context in tunes as well but you must use your ears if it sounds good. Sometimes the tunes key don´t fit with the particular scale.

A chart over the scales I show in this video lesson look like this:

Inside scales:
G Ionian
G major pentatonic
G triads
Gmaj7 seventh chord tones

Alternative scales:
G lydian
F# minor pentatonic
A triads
Dmaj7 seventh chord tones

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