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Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lesson - Introducing 'La Pompe'

In this Django Reinhardt style lesson, you will begin to learn the style of strumming used in gypsy jazz rhythm guitar playing. This strumming technique is called ‘La Pompe,’ which is French for ‘The Pump.’The name of this technique strongly reflects its character. A rhythm guitarists ‘La Pompe,’ along with the bass player, provides the swinging and pumping backbone of a gypsy jazz ensemble.

‘La Pompe’ makes use of gravity to propel the strumming hand through all six strings of the guitar, rather than pushing ones pick through the strings. The motion should be entirely relaxed.

It’s worth spending some time just on this right hand guitar technique, without worrying about chord shapes, or the left hand bounce technique. This way, your gypsy jazz strumming technique can become quite strong. I’m a big believer in focusing on one aspect of musical development at a time, so that you develop consistently strong yet relaxed technique.

All the best, I hope you find this lesson helpful! Harry Edwards (Head instructor @

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