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Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lesson - Dark Eyes Melody (Les Yeux Noirs)

In this Django Reinhardt style video lesson, I teach the melody to the popular gypsy jazz anthem Dark Eyes, otherwise called Les Yeux Noirs. 

The melody is broken down and taught nice and slowly, and I cover the fingering, rhythm, and picking needed. You’ll see footage of both my fretting and picking hand where appropriate, allowing you learn this piece as easily as possible.

I hope you find this lesson helpful, and a nice taste of gypsy jazz! All the best.

Harry Edwards (Head instructor @

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@makko   10 months ago
Peaceful but still exciting melody. Thank you, seems to me an northeastern melody though. Will watch other your videos. This is really helpful. pls do not stop making tutorials. (y)
@flipnota   10 months ago
Yeah, it's northeastern melody. :)
@flipnota   10 months ago
I have heard some similar patterns in gypsy songs. It was the very useful lesson. Keep up!
I have one question. What is that guitar? It really sounds great.
@studygypsyjazz   10 months ago
Hello @flipnota, I am happy to hear you are finding the lessons useful. The guitar is an instrument made by luthier Antoine Prabel, from Lyon in France. It is a great instrument :)

You can find other free lessons all on one page here:
@flipnota   9 months ago
Thanks for the reply. :D
I will look at your link to find other interesting lessons!