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Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lesson - Mi6/Mi7b5/Dom9th Arpeggio

In this Django Reinhardt style gypsy jazz guitar lesson, I show you how to play a very useful ‘multi purpose’ arpeggio.

This shape can be used to play over minor 6 chords, minor 7 flat 5 chords, and dominant chords (the shape implies the ninth of a dominant chord). By shifting the location of the root note to different degrees of the arpeggio, you can utilise this shape to play over these three different chord types.

The video lesson will take you through suitable picking and fingering for the arpeggio. You’ll find on-screen notation and diagrams to help you learn this new shape. Practice this one a lot! It will be very useful. Harry Edwards (Head instructor

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@makko   last year
I'm following all your lessons starting from now. You make me remember my classical guitar teacher, a bit. ))