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The Major Blues Scale

The major blues scale is a variation of the major pentatonic scale just like that the minor blues scale is a variation of the minor pentatonic scale. That is why they are sometimes named pentatonic blues scales. By adding the b3 "blue note" to the major pentatonic scale, the music takes on that familiar bluesy sound. The blue note usually used as a passing note and if you hold this note too long it sounds like off key.

The formula of the major blues scale is 1 2 b3 3 5 6

However the major blues scale consist of six notes it still has the all facilities of the pentatonic scales; easy to remember and play fingering patterns, good over many chord progressions and so on. And also major blues scale can be played interchangeably with the major pentatonic scale.

The scale has a very cheerful sound and finds itself used in musical styles like country and bluegrass.

C Major pentatonic scale


C Major pentatonic scale

If you play the major pentatonic scale adding b3 what you play is exactly the major blues scale.

The major blues scale formula:

1 2 b3 3 5 6

Eb added (b3)

C major blues scale

C D Eb E G A

C major blues scale

If you have written the pentatonic scales lessons you have already known that every major pentatonic scale has a relative minor pentatonic scale and vice versa. So that we can easily say that G major blues scale has the same notes with A minor blues scale. The only difference is the rote notes and the tone of these two scales. We did not show an image for this because we have already done it in major pentatonic scale and minor pentatonic scale lessons.

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