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Playing Without Backing Tracks - "Be The Dog"

• Author: @spoonman
Learn how to "lead the conversation" when you take a solo!

Connecting Effects Pedals

• Author: @spoonman
When it comes to connecting effects pedals for your guitar, nearly every choice you make will affect your overall tone.

Best Multi Effects Pedal

• Author: @spoonman
The question should not be “What is the best multi effects pedal?”; it should be “What is the best pedal for you?”

Improving Guitar Speed

• Author: @spoonman
The key ingredient in improving guitar speed is practice. Sounds like the most common, cliched advice you’ve ever heard, right? Well it’s a bit more complicated than that.

What key is a song in?

• Author: @spoonman
The main focus of this lesson is to examine the question of "what key is a song in?" Like every musician, also every guitar player wants to have perfect pitch, play by ear or easily determine what key a song is in. There are many ways to find the key of a song depending on what you have in your hand.

An Introduction To The Pentatonic Scales

• Author: @spoonman
The most commonly used scales in music are the pentatonic scales. Learning the pentatonic scales has been an introduction to scales and modes for almost every guitar player.

Guitar History

• Author: @spoonman
Have you ever think about the guitar history? Who invented the first guitar, what did it look like? Acustic guitars? What about the amplifiers and electric guitars..?

Want to buy a guitar?

• Author: @spoonman
Okay.. You have 3 basic choices if you are not looking for a bass guitar .
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