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Basic Gypsy Jazz Theme: 'Dark Eyes (Les Yeux Noirs)

We find no videos (or so little) on the internet with simple and useful explanations to play gypsy jazz themes.

When I learn the themes I am often faced with the same problems; how is played the basic theme? No frills, ornamentations, improvisations. I often try to find the first version of the theme, and then change it my way.

Here, a course with the theme Dark Eyes played in a basic way.

You have to activate the subtitles.

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@pauljones   3 years ago
Cool lesson, your guitar sounds really beautiful! I'd like to see the next video, I really dig this :)
@pierre   3 years ago
Thanks for your support.
I've already made other videos.... but in french. I have to make subtitles or made others in english (but my english is very bad)