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The Roman Numeral Numbering System

• Author: @michaelsocarras
For songwriters and Riffers alike as well as Music Theory enthusiasts.

The Ultimate Speed Log for Guitar Players

• Author: @michaelsocarras
Speed WILL NOT come overnight. This is a VERY long process that you will need to work on for several years. Always refining your technique, always playing cleaner and of course always aiming for faster speeds. That being said lets get started:

How to Play the Chords in E Flat Major for Beginners

• Author: @michaelsocarras
Chords in a key used for songwriting. If you've never written something original you can start by using these simple progressions. The Relative key is C Minor. So the chords are exactly the same.

Chords and Their Corresponding Scales for Beginners

• Author: @michaelsocarras
Here you have the chords in C major using the circle of fourths, along with their modes. (aka scales)

How to Destroy Complication and Simplify Your Guitar Practice

• Author: @michaelsocarras
CSSA Guitar Practice Method. C = Chords, S = Scales, S = Songs, A = Arpeggios

How to Play the Diminished Scale with 3 Note Per String Patterns

• Author: @michaelsocarras
3 Note per string scales in different keys. Learn how to play and maximize this scale to get cool "outside" sounding tones in your playing and improvising as well as soloing.
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