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How to Play the Harmonic Minor Scale (Mode 2) in 12 Keys

If you noticed my last lesson I gave you the scale in Mode 1 .

This lesson will cover Mode 2 which gives us a brand new, really cool sound while still being able to hit chord tones of any chord in the key.

I really like starting my licks here because it causes tension. We all know that music is tension and release. If you didn't, now you do :)

Mode 2 starts from the 2nd chord in the key which is a diminished 7th chord .

If you play the 2nd chord in a harmonic minor key, mode 2 will sound very good over it. Mode 2 will also sound interesting over other chords in the key.

The key to sounding good over a particular chord is always chord tones. If you don't know your chord tones, study them. 

Below are audio files playing all the keys at 78 bpm in 8th notes.

Then in 16ths. The final audio file has the 3 melodies, one in Dm, one in Ebm and one in Em . This means the chords underneath are Eo7, Fo7 and F#o7.

I played them together without stopping but they are meant to be for 3 different keys. 

Hope this lesson has served you well. If you have any comments, questions or any other ideas you would like for a lesson feel free to comment below or send me an email.

I have ebooks written on Amazon for sale and I also have a blog at mikesoca.com you can check out. 

I also have 12 other lessons on this very site you can browse through as well. 

As always I'm here to serve you. 

Thanks and stay thirsty my friends... 

Harmonic Minor 2nd shape.pdf Harmonic Minor Mode 2 plus Melodies
Harmonic Minor 2nd shape.pdf, 241KB

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Thanks again for the great study material Mike, cheers! :)