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Connecting Pentatonic Shapes Across the Board

Hi guys, 

In this lesson we will connect pentatonic shapes in 3 different keys. There are 4 licks. Those 4 licks were transposed to two other keys note for note. Feel free to write and compose your own licks or runs in the key of your choice while connecting shapes. This will definitely help you learn the neck and where you can solo. I then suggest you transpose those licks yourself to the best of your ability. 

I dont like to write a lot of text. Cus who likes to read anyway right? At least when we're gonna demolish our guitars with other worldly licks and tricks to enjoy our day. So here you go. No BS just some licks to get you familiar with shifting through the shapes. Wink

Pentatonic CONNECTIONS.pdf Pent connections
Pentatonic CONNECTIONS.pdf, 498KB

P.S. Keys used are A minor, B minor and C minor. Using the same licks will help you learn the neck. Don't get crazy and switch licks if you want to know your fretboard better. If you write your own stick to those. 

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Joseph Lopez
@josephlopez   2 years ago
Awesome,thanks for the pdfs.
@fl3k   2 years ago
I like your approach Michael, direct to action. Thanks for the exercise. I'll be practicing it asap. ;)
@michaelsocarras   2 years ago
no problem guys. thanks !