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Always Moving Forward With Chords

Diminished Chords

Diminished chords are rarely used or not used enough in my opinion. They are also great for your finger technique. New chord fingerings and positions will trick your fingers just like new exercises in the gym will blow up your muscles and give you gains. 

Gains is what we want. 

A diminished chord is either fully diminished or half diminished. You can see my other lesson on diminished chords and scales for more explanation. Just click on my lessons and it will be there. 

These chords are also used in Jazz Blues and Blues. They sound GRRRREEEAAAT! as Tony the Tiger would say.

3rds and 6ths

I like using these types of chords for melodic reasons as well as for climbing up and down the neck. Paganini made use of these pretty thoroughly as well as octaves in his 24 caprices. If you can download the caprices and read the music as you listen to the music. You will see 3rds and octaves, pedal points and all kinds of goodness for you lead guitar players. 

Secondary Dominants

Secondary dominants are just like primary dominants. Primary dominants are the dominant chords in each key. The fifth chord of every key. 

Example in A Harmonic Minor. 

Am Bo7 C+ Dm E7 = E7 is the Dominant chord. Don't get confused with the word primary its just to differentiate it in a progression that has both the dominant chord of the key and secondary dominants as well. Other wise its just known as the Dominant or the Dominant seventh chord of the key. 

The pdf shows you a B minor progression stacked with Secondary Dominants. 

Make chords part of your practice schedules if you haven't yet and put these suckers in there. You'll be glad you did!

If you liked this article please share and if you have any questions I will answer them below. Other requests for lessons are also welcome. 

Thanks again and happy playing!

Secondary Dominants.pdf Secondary Dominants
Secondary Dominants.pdf, 191KB
Diminished Chords Across the Neck.pdf Diminished across the neck
Diminished Chords Across the Neck.pdf, 263KB
Diminished Chord Relay.pdf Diminished relay
Diminished Chord Relay.pdf, 204KB
Am 6ths.pdf 6ths
Am 6ths.pdf, 158KB

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@pauljones   3 years ago
Great stuff Mike, as usual! I'm trying these excercises right now ;) Thanks for sharing.
@michaelsocarras   3 years ago
i love chords ! :))
@fl3k   3 years ago
Hey Michael, great work! I will be practicing this during a few days to get the hang of them.