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Wednesday August 16 2017, 11:40 PM

Working on my instrumental release.

Several things I've learned while in the process are:

  1. Don't hurry
  2. Learn the harmony well
  3. Learn the melody well
  4. Rehearse the melodies to include phrasing techniques
  5. Shoot for epic songs

When I dont hurry, everything in the world makes sense, and when I do, I'm always in a state of anxiety. This is detrimental to whatever project I'm working on. Not good. 

Learning the harmony is important because it allows you to improvise when playing or recording live. The melody is the most important part of the song in my opinion and probably in Mozart's as well :) and Paganini...and every other melodic master of the world. I have not been practicing my melodies over and over. I have simply been learning them. The days ahead call for melodic mastery of my melodies. 

Stay tuned...

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