Basic Guitar Lessons

How to change Strings, step by step

• Author: @maxtpg
If you haven't changed the strings in your guitar yet, or have not been able to do it before, I'll teach you how to do it. I'll show you how to change strings on my two electrics and electroacoustic guitars.

How to tune your guitar

• Author: @maxtpg
I'll show you how to use a standard tuner and also show you how the built-in tuners on my multi-effects pedals work, so that you can keep your guitar tuned at all times.

Soloing 101 For Blues Guitarists Lesson 2 – Starting To Use More Of The Guitar Neck

• Author: @antony-reynaert
Are you only able to use a single spot of the pentatonic scale? Let’s discuss how to free yourself from that one spot and start using the whole fretboard.

Heartbeat, Pulse, Rhythm

• Author: @davidsertl
Musical styles of the 20th century brought the aspect of 'Rhythm' into an unprecedented focus - at the same, a fundamental theory seems to be missing. This article will focus on sketching the basis for understanding and approaching rhythm by defining it as Pulse Sequences, whose 'flowing' quality depends on them (approximately) matching a human heartbeat.

Easy Blues Rhythm Guitar (incl. video)

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
It’s incredible how many guitar players can play a good Blues solo but have no idea how to play an acceptable Blues rhythm when asked to. Most players resort to playing just a few power chords or the usual “shuffle” rhythm. There is of course much more than that.

Learn your guitar fretboard the right way (incl. video)

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
A simple exercise that help you learn the notes on the guitar fretboard permanently and with very little effort. Just a few minutes a day for few weeks, and you will KNOW where all the notes are.

Guide on how to find EVERY note on the fretboard - part 5

• Author: @asdfdsa
This time its about picking. Can you pick up all the notes ?

Guide on how to find EVERY note on the fretboard - part 4

• Author: @asdfdsa
This lesson is dedicated to the one of the greatest exercises - the ones that make you better in three skills at once!

Tuning 201: Drop and Open tunings

• Author: @william-lewis
Going more in depth with tunings, exploring both drop tunings and open tunings.

Guitar Tuning 101

• Author: @william-lewis
A look at the most basic tunings you'll see for guitar.
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