Guitar Music Theory Lessons

Serialist Guitar Techniques

• Author: @pauljones
Learn how to approach atonality in an organized, mathematical way by using these easy-to-learn serialization techniques. These techniques will help you spice up your atonal phrasings and expand your understanding of music theory beyond the tonal system.

The Best Ear Training Exercise For Guitar Players

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
"To train your ear you should learn to recognize all your intervals"... How many times you have heard that? And maybe you can recognize all your intervals by ear, but still you can't play on your guitar the melodies you hear.

The Ascending Melodic Minor Misconception

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
The melodic minor scale is a pretty interesting one, as it has both an ascending and descending version. But this is also what makes it kind of confusing. Can You Use The Ascending Melodic Minor Scale In Both Directions?

Playing Chords "In Key" - Harmonizing the Major Scale

• Author: @peskypolak
This is a lesson about the major scale and what chords are “in key” with the scale. You can use this information to build your own progressions, ensuring each chord harmonizes properly to the key you've chosen. You can also use this knowledge to dissect a tune’s key, taking the song’s chords and working backwards to determine which key you can use to solo/improvise over it.

Why guitarist struggle with aural skills - Part two

• Author: @janus-buch
A continuation of part one

Why guitarists struggle with aural skills - part one

• Author: @janus-buch
An article on some of the reasons why guitarist struggle with aural skills and and exercise to get started on ear training the right way.

Jazz Guitar Minute Study #3: Gloria's Step - Chord Melody // voicings & impro

• Author: @janjakut
"Gloria's Step" - Bill Evans chord voicings

Advanced Jazz Blues Harmony Explained - Joe Pass Blues in Bb

• Author: @50-shades-of-guitar
Advanced Jazz Blues Harmony: Learn the harmony in numbers not in chord names - you will be able to use them in any key.

How To Solo Using Chord Shapes

• Author: @pauljones
Discover new melodic opportunities when soloing by using chord shapes.

Modes Of The Harmonic Minor Scale And How To Use Them

• Author: @pauljones
Discover exotic sounds that will help you add interest and tension to your melodic ideas and solos- all derived from the modes of the harmonic minor scale.
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