Guitar Music Styles Lessons

Beginning Jazz Guitar - Lesson 1

• Author: @swholobaugh
The first beginning jazz guitar lesson covers the first few chords and scales you will need to get started playing jazz guitar. This lesson assumes you have some basic theory knowledge. These chords and scales are the "foundation" that we will start with for future lessons. Practice hard and memorize the chords and scales in this lesson, it will make the future lessons much easier!

Metal Guitar “Wrong Note” Playing For Beginners

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
You know your metal guitar scales like the back of your hand but you have noticed that your guitar heroes sometimes are simply “ignoring” the scale and play seemingly random notes… and yet they still sound amazing? How is THAT possible? Well, it’s not black magic, it’s just a simple application of tension and resolution, and I’m going to show you how. Keep reading.

Jazz Guitar Outside Playing For Beginners (Video Lesson)

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
You would like to learn how to play “outside” but somehow everything you play sounds “wrong” rather than “outside”?

How to become a metal guitarist

• Author: @leokisomma
If you are hell-bent on becoming a metal guitarist, then there's every chance that you can become one, but of course you can't simple become one just by wishing to. This lesson will show you some of the common tricks of the trade of metal guitarists as well as some of the differences between different styles of metal, and how to work some of their tricks into your own playing.

Guitar Styles: The Blues - part 2 (Twelve bar blues)

• Author: @tmvatdi
The "twelve bar blues" form explained in depth.

Guitar Styles: The Blues - part 1 (IV-V-I progression, "blues scales")

• Author: @tmvatdi
In this series titled "guitar styles," I'll teach (obviously) different guitar styles. This series-within-the-series is about the blues. This lesson will teach you about the IV-V-I progression, its history, and proposed "blues scales."

Metal Rhythm (part 4)

• Author: @josip-pesut
This lesson is about using the kickassiest of major modes, Phrygian mode, in metal rhythm.

Metal Rhythm (part 2)

• Author: @josip-pesut
This lesson explains several things about note lengths, and how to apply them into metal rhythm.

Metal Rhythm (part 1)

• Author: @josip-pesut
This lesson is about how to play firm and heavy metal rhythm guitar riffs. By referring to 'metal', we immediately get associated to palm muting, kick ass slow riffs with rests, fast picking and heavy-sounding chords, right?

Metal Rhythm (part 3)

• Author: @josip-pesut
This article is basically about chords you can use and implement in metal rhythms.
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