Guitar Improvisation and Soloing Lessons

What is Chord Tone Soloing

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
Note choice is a big topic whenever we talk about guitar improvisation. How can you pick the best notes for your solo? Let me introduce you to the concept of Chord Tone Soloing.

How To Change Up Your Guitar Solos Licks

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
Why your guitar improvisations sound all the same. When we aren't continuously pushing ourselves to learn new things with our guitar playing, it's easy to get into a habit of repeatedly playing the same licks. You might try to learn a new lick, but then even that turns into your same go-to sound.

Billie´s Bounce by Charlie Parker

• Author: @thomas-berglund
…with transcribed lines, tips on scales and a backing track.

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lesson - Mi6/Mi7b5/Dom9th Arpeggio

• Author: @studygypsyjazz
Learn a very useful gypsy jazz-style arpeggio in this video/text lesson.

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lesson - Turning Arpeggios Into Phrases

• Author: @studygypsyjazz
Learn how to add passing notes and enclosures to your gypsy jazz improvisations.

Coffee Break Grooves jam - with 6 transcribed lines

• Author: @thomas-berglund
Here's a soloing jam to a Coffee Break Grooves backing track with 6 transcribed lines. There are 2 single string, 2 octave playing and 2 chord solo lines in the video.

Chord solo lesson - One chorus Jazz Blues in Bb

• Author: @thomas-berglund
If you´re running out of ideas in your single string soloing, the chord soloing can be good to try. It will create another thinking in the way of soloing and will give you new ideas in the general soloing as well.

Fast Legato Guitar Lick

• Author: @ericbourassa
Major-scale legato lick with slides, hammers and pulls!

Develop your Blues Guitar soloing by using the minor 6th pentatonic scale adding the 9th tone in the playing

• Author: @thomas-berglund
When playing blues guitar one can get stucked in the blues scale and the common minor pentatonic scale. To develop and go further from that the minor 6th pentatonic scale is a good choice and when you put in the 9th tone to it you have a new palette to use to your blues playing.

How to Get Melodic with Pentatonic Scales

• Author: @matt-tippett
This subtle shift in perspective will have you seeing pentatonic scales in a different, more melodic way.
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