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Three Mindsets for playing in a Band

• Author: @maxtpg
Have you ever wanted to play in a band? Have you had bad experiences with bands? Let me show you the three most important mindsets that will help you make the bands work and prevent you from wasting your time and money on projects that won't go far.

Lesson Zero - Learn in less than 5 minutes what it takes to play guitar and become a better musician

• Author: @50-shades-of-guitar
Hi Guys, this is first article on my new guitar blog. I was thinking how to organize so huge challenge like learning and mastering an instrument - guitar - in my case, and learning music in general. Since the thing is so wide let's slit it to smaller pieces that we can digest one by one. That's why I divide the subject of learning the instrument in 3 parts:

Four critical aspects for any successful guitarist

• Author: @maxtpg
I'm going to show you 4 key elements you should get down that are crucial to your success as a guitar player.

Why you should never compare yourself to others

• Author: @maxtpg
Have you ever compared yourself to your friends or your favorite guitarists? I've certainly done it, and let me tell you why it's not good.

Why 'Practice, Practice' Is Often Terrible Advice

• Author: @maxtpg
I have been on countless forums and subreddits. They all say the same thing: "Practice, practice, practice, ..." Is that it?

The Ultimate Speed Log for Guitar Players

• Author: @michaelsocarras
Speed WILL NOT come overnight. This is a VERY long process that you will need to work on for several years. Always refining your technique, always playing cleaner and of course always aiming for faster speeds. That being said lets get started:

How to Destroy Complication and Simplify Your Guitar Practice

• Author: @michaelsocarras
CSSA Guitar Practice Method. C = Chords, S = Scales, S = Songs, A = Arpeggios

Developing Timing

• Author: @swholobaugh
Become a better musician by developing your feel for time. Start developing your time today!

Ear Training With Your Guitar!

• Author: @swholobaugh
As a musician one of the most important things we can do to make ourselves better is to train our ears. Start ear training with these exercises today!

Increasing Pinky Finger Strength

• Author: @edwardmasters
Here are some exercises that you can implement into your practice routine to make sure that your fretting hand is at its best.
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