Guitar Chords Lessons

24 Voicings for Any 4-note Seventh Chord

• Author: @gmt
By using this basic formula 1x2x3x4=24; we arrive at a finite number of 4-note chords, i.e. seventh chords (Root, 3rd, 5th,7th). A list of these chord voicings/permutations is given with some examples of how to practice them. Technically you'll find some that aren't suited to guitar, but I find them essential to filling in a complete picture of the fingerboard.

Jazz Chord Essentials – Drop 2 voicings – Part 1

• Author: @jenslarsen
In this lesson I want to demonstrate a set of voicings that are fairly easy to play on the guitar and very useful for playing chords with extensions. I also want to talk a bit about how you approach playing chords in terms of interpretation of chord extensions, substitutes, connecting or voice-leading the chords.

Open String Guitar Chords

• Author: @dconeil
Are open string guitar chords only used by beginners? Absolutely not! If you are a beginner, you’ll start the musical journey by learning how to play open string chords on the guitar, but you will continue to use them regardless of how proficient you become as a player

Understanding Dominant Chords (part 2)

• Author: @dconeil
Understanding dominant chords and how to use them will add more interest to a simple chord progression.

Understanding/building basic triad chords

• Author: @istvn-tams-szilgyi
In this lesson we'll take a look at basic triad chord building.

Understanding Dominant Chords (part 1)

• Author: @dconeil
Are you a bit confused by the different types of seventh chords? If so, understanding dominant chords will answer many of the questions that you may have.

Creating Non-Standard Chords (incl. video)

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
You know only a handful of guitar chords and would like to know more, possibly without spending years of efforts? As it happens, it is quite easy to expand your chord knowledge. Keep reading.

Barre Chord Hand Position Photo Supplement

• Author: @dconeil
I originally intended to include just a few hand position pictures in my latest lesson, ‘How to Play Barre Chords on the Guitar’. After some thought, however, I decided that providing a ‘Hand Position Photo Supplement’ and additional comments would be a better idea. Just like digital recorders, cameras don’t lie!

How to Play Barre Chords on the Guitar

• Author: @dconeil
Here is my lesson about barre chords - how to play them, and which ones a player should know.

Power Chords 101

• Author: @william-lewis
Not that power chords really need a 101, most of you guys know what they are. I take it a little further and show you some different stuff you can do with them.
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