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Bill Evans solo transcription - What Is This Thing Called Love -part 1

• Author: @50-shades-of-guitar
Ear training and quality of our musical hearing is the most important feature of every musician. Countless music geniuses keep on saying this on many occassions, including my personal favourites Pat Methney and Miles Davis. It is not how many notes we play, not important how fast we can play them as long as our notes are "kicking" by sitting well in time and creating interesting melodies.

Jazz Guitar Minute Study #3: Gloria's Step - Chord Melody // voicings & impro

• Author: @janjakut
"Gloria's Step" - Bill Evans chord voicings

Jazz Guitar Minute Study #5: How to comp for a vocalist, 50s style. "I Should Care" - Barney Kessel and Julie London

• Author: @janjakut
How to comp for a jazz singer, 50s style: an excerpt from the transcription & arrangement of "I Should Care" as performed by Julie London and the great Barney Kessel.

Jazz Guitar Minute Study #1: Stella By Starlight - Chord Melody

• Author: @janjakut
new voicing ideas for jazz guitar

Make Your Acoustic Rhythm Playing Interesting Part 7 - John Mayer Right Hand Rhythm Slap

• Author: @collins-studios
In part 7 we look at the acoustic guitar rhythm style of John Mayer. Love him or hate him, this is a great technique to add to your acoustic guitar playing!

Jazz fusion guitar lines from John Scofield & Mike Stern

• Author: @thomas-berglund
When studying guitar it´s good to learn from the licks and lines. If you just play them and don´t think so much from where they´re coming they will be in your lick library but you don´t know why. If you instead learn the lines and then analyzes from which scale and how they work in context you also learn from the licks and lines.

Three Mindsets for playing in a Band

• Author: @maxtpg
Have you ever wanted to play in a band? Have you had bad experiences with bands? Let me show you the three most important mindsets that will help you make the bands work and prevent you from wasting your time and money on projects that won't go far.

Harmonic Minor Scale in all 12 Minor Keys

• Author: @michaelsocarras
Tablature and Notation for the Harmonic Minor Scale in all 12 Keys plus How to Use it and How to Practice it.

Advanced Jazz Blues Harmony Explained - Joe Pass Blues in Bb

• Author: @50-shades-of-guitar
Advanced Jazz Blues Harmony: Learn the harmony in numbers not in chord names - you will be able to use them in any key.
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