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Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lesson - Mi6/Mi7b5/Dom9th Arpeggio

• Author: @studygypsyjazz
Learn a very useful gypsy jazz-style arpeggio in this video/text lesson.

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lesson - Minor 6 & Minor 6/9 Chords In Thumb Position

• Author: @studygypsyjazz
Learn two colourful chord types that are very common in gypsy jazz.

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lesson - Introducing 'La Pompe'

• Author: @studygypsyjazz
Discover how to start using the powerful gypsy jazz swing rhythm guitar technique

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lesson - Dark Eyes Melody (Les Yeux Noirs)

• Author: @studygypsyjazz
Learn a classic gypsy jazz melody with correct 'rest stroke' picking.

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lesson - Turning Arpeggios Into Phrases

• Author: @studygypsyjazz
Learn how to add passing notes and enclosures to your gypsy jazz improvisations.

10 Easy To Play Songs For Beginners

• Author: @paulo
Feeling a bit unmotivated to practice. Try these 10 easy to play songs for a bit of fun. Enjoy!

Playing Chords "In Key" - Harmonizing the Major Scale

• Author: @peskypolak
This is a lesson about the major scale and what chords are “in key” with the scale. You can use this information to build your own progressions, ensuring each chord harmonizes properly to the key you've chosen. You can also use this knowledge to dissect a tune’s key, taking the song’s chords and working backwards to determine which key you can use to solo/improvise over it.

Why guitarists struggle with aural skills - part one

• Author: @janus-buch
An article on some of the reasons why guitarist struggle with aural skills and and exercise to get started on ear training the right way.

Why guitarist struggle with aural skills - Part two

• Author: @janus-buch
A continuation of part one

Introduction to alternate-picked arpeggios

• Author: @miguel-marquez
In this lesson you'll learn some cool shapes you can use when you improvise
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