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5 Great Improvisation Tricks to Improve Your Skills

• Author: @tomguitar
If you want to learn to play guitar solos on the spot, then this is the article for you. Improvisation is one of the most sought-after guitar skills (especially in blues and jazz) and this article offers five great tips you can use to improve your improvisation today!

Why you should never compare yourself to others

• Author: @maxtpg
Have you ever compared yourself to your friends or your favorite guitarists? I've certainly done it, and let me tell you why it's not good.

How To Create A Song From An Idea

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
What do you do when you are in the middle of walking your dog and all the sudden your thoughts are consumed with an amazing idea for a song?

Why 'Practice, Practice' Is Often Terrible Advice

• Author: @maxtpg
I have been on countless forums and subreddits. They all say the same thing: "Practice, practice, practice, ..." Is that it?

Always Moving Forward With Chords

• Author: @michaelsocarras
We're going to be moving forward with chords. Diminished Chords. 3rds, 6ths,Secondary Dominants. This will help get your fingers familiar with new chords as well as new sounds.

1, 2 & 3 Octave Pentatonic and Blues Scales

• Author: @michaelsocarras
1, 2 & 3 Octave Pentatonic and Blues Scales. All 5 Shapes are included in the Key of E Major.

Learning To Compose Songs From A Single Sentence

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
Have you ever gotten that sinking feeling where you've got a start on a song, but can't seem to figure out how to end it? When that happens, do you store the fragment, hoping to one day complete it? Is it even possible to finish after that original idea has come and gone?

Modes Of The Harmonic Minor Scale And How To Use Them

• Author: @pauljones
Discover exotic sounds that will help you add interest and tension to your melodic ideas and solos- all derived from the modes of the harmonic minor scale.

5 Easy Beginner Guitar Solos

• Author: @tomguitar
Ever wanted to learn lead guitar? Try out these five easy solos that any beginner can learn!

Alternative arpeggios to the m7b5 chord

• Author: @thomas-berglund
Here are suggestions on arpeggios to the m7b5 chord to use in the soloing. When using new arpeggios to the chords you find new sounds to soloing with and you also get new soloing ideas.
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