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How to Play the Harmonic Minor Scale (Mode 2) in 12 Keys

• Author: @michaelsocarras
Learn how to read and play the notes of the harmonic minor scale in all 12 keys. I also give you 3 melodies in which you can capitalize on.

How to do Palm Muting - Guitar Lesson for Beginners

• Author: @maxtpg
Learn to do this technique to add a lot of punch to your playing.

Develop your Blues Guitar soloing by using the minor 6th pentatonic scale adding the 9th tone in the playing

• Author: @thomas-berglund
When playing blues guitar one can get stucked in the blues scale and the common minor pentatonic scale. To develop and go further from that the minor 6th pentatonic scale is a good choice and when you put in the 9th tone to it you have a new palette to use to your blues playing.

How to Get Melodic with Pentatonic Scales

• Author: @matt-tippett
This subtle shift in perspective will have you seeing pentatonic scales in a different, more melodic way.

Riff & Jam instantly: The Two-Figure Rock Technique

• Author: @maxtpg
I'll show you a quick method to come up with chunky rock riffs on the fly while jamming with others, or when you are composing a new song.

The Key To Making Your Songwriting Interesting

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
While its great when songwriting can come from a completely raw and personal place, there's are also tools you can implement to make your writing better and more interesting.

Find intervals on the fretboard fast: 3x3 Box Technique

• Author: @maxtpg
I'll show you how you how to identify intervals of any note on the fretboard very fast by focusing on a single area.

Introduction to alternate-picked arpeggios

• Author: @miguel-marquez
In this lesson you'll learn some cool shapes you can use when you improvise

Bill Evans solo transcription - What Is This Thing Called Love -part 1

• Author: @50-shades-of-guitar
Ear training and quality of our musical hearing is the most important feature of every musician. Countless music geniuses keep on saying this on many occassions, including my personal favourites Pat Methney and Miles Davis. It is not how many notes we play, not important how fast we can play them as long as our notes are "kicking" by sitting well in time and creating interesting melodies.

Jazz Guitar Minute Study #3: Gloria's Step - Chord Melody // voicings & impro

• Author: @janjakut
"Gloria's Step" - Bill Evans chord voicings
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