Jean Pierre Zammit

About Jean Pierre Zammit

I started showing interest in music at an early age. My dad was a film maker so we always had this loud music being played back home. I acquired my first guitar when I was about 12. I remember it was an old Jedson telecaster which had this huge pick up and only one string on which I couldn’t tune with the records it was so old! I was given a small amp with it that worked with a battery and a blue coil wire! It was like I owned the world. So I started to mess around with it but found it terribly difficult!

It wasn't until 2 years later, that I started playing seriously. When I was in 8th grade, I found a classical music teacher who became an enormous inspiration, as she saw my talent, which helped to drive me to continue on my own to focus on learning rock guitar playing. By the time I was 17, through ordering books from the US and endless hours of practice and teaching myself, I did begin to improve. At this time, a friend persistently approached me to teach him to play. Initially I turned him down, thinking that I could not teach guitar. Hesitantly, I let him talk me into teaching him, which grew into my teaching others as I still teach guitar to this day. What I discovered was that by teaching, I improve myself. I had to be good enough not to teach poor playing methods to my students.

By the time I was 20, Metallica and Guns and Roses were the popular sound, which I rebelled against because I wanted to keep my own style alive. I accomplished my own sound through playing electric and acoustic guitar , which when recorded sounded too much like my heroes who were Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Al Di Meola, etc.. So, I started to mess around with different tunings. This made playing with others impossible, as I had to play the acoustic and the lead together! So I quit playing in bands and continued teaching, writing music and beginning the frustrating process of recording my own music.

First, I recorded with a student at his studio and approaching well known producers; which only taught me that I had a sound of the future. Acquiring a producer seemed fruitless until I met Howard Keith, one of Malta's finest producers. He immediately realized what my dream and expectancy was, and told me that he could make it happen. So we started to record 3 tunes. I am very touched that a wide audience, throughout the world, has started to like them.

My aim is to attract the right people that can help my music to be recorded and go on the market. Although, I use complex techniques, time shifts and scales in my writing; I always put the song and the message I want to portray first. This comes across in the theme I use for every tune I write. I’m thankful that many of my former students became great players, playing in great bands and some became teachers. But that’s only half of my dream fulfilled! The other part is to deliver my music to the musical and non musical people everywhere.Today I play with a world music band called Tribali and we played in the Blues and Roots festival in Australia in April 2010 apart from opening for some great artists like Prodigy and Faithless in Malta.You can check out our music on we're writing and recording ours 3rd album.