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Jazz Guitar Minute Study #5: How to comp for a vocalist, 50s style. "I Should Care" - Barney Kessel and Julie London

How to comp for a jazz singer, 50s style: an excerpt from the transcription & arrangement of "I Should Care" as performed by Julie London and the great Barney Kessel.

I_Should_Care_-_Barney_Kessel__Julie_London_excerpt.pdf I Should Care - Barney Kessel Julie London excerpt
I_Should_Care_-_Barney_Kessel__Julie_London_excerpt.pdf, 41KB
22I_Should_Care22_-_50s_style_Reharmonization_ideas.pdf I Should Care - 50s style Reharmonization ideas
22I_Should_Care22_-_50s_style_Reharmonization_ideas.pdf, 47KB

The first A-part shows how Barney used a variety of concepts and techniques creating an interesting accompaniment for a singer without getting in the way of the melody.

harmonic density: chromatic approach and tonal substitutions leading  from tonic to IV∆ or III (bar 2 & 4)

rhythmic variety in every! bar.

Reharmonization ideas in the second file:

Popular in the 50s: replace the tonic with a dominant chord resolving from sus to altered to the actual tonic (bar 17) l Csus7 - C7#11b9 l F∆ l

- another substitution for the tonic: Iº∆ (bar 20), F - Ab - Cb - E (root - b3- b5 -7). In lieu of a I - VI - II - V?

To be continued soon with video-samples on my YouTube channel.

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