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@fl3k   11 months ago
Did you play any Lotus racing game? Anyone had an Amiga computer?
This trilogy was quite famous back in the nineties, I personally played a lot with my brother.
This song is a remix from one of the tracks appearing in the Amiga version of the game, it was rated 68% on www.amigaremix.com .

Composed and mixed entirely using Renoise. I didn't have a good pair of headphones then, so the bass is somehow missing (my Yamaha monitors don't go below 55hz)...

Hope you like it, sounds kinda fun to me. ;)

P.D: All instruments are tuned to A=444hz to match the original Holy Solfeggio frequencies.
@spoonman   11 months ago
I used to have a Commodore64 but I sure remember Amiga. This took me long time ago. Thanks!
@fl3k   11 months ago
Nice to hear that! C64 was one of my first experiences with 8 bit machines, apart from an Amstrad CPC464 "all in green colour". I did not have one but played a lot of Bubble Bobble in a friend's house.

Those were the times! :D
@fl3k   11 months ago
@spoonman , I think you should visit
http://www.remix64.com/ and http://www.amigaremix.com .
It is for sure you will listen to some interesting remixes there. Level is absolutely awesome, there are great composers, dj's and arrangers. Even many of the original composers are still active.
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