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-Teacher of guitar, solfeggio and subjects of music theory in  Music school „Stevan Mokranjac”, Negotin, Serbia

- 2013. obtained the title of Graduate musician - guitarist on Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia 

- 2005. obtained the title of Graduate music pedagogue on Faculty of Music Arts, Belgrade, Serbia

- 2003. obtained the title teacher instrumentalist-guitar teacher Higher music school, Niš, Serbia

- 1 year of experience like Guitar instructor in Creative Course of guitar in organization of Guitar Art from Belgrade. The course consists of lectures in the group and is intended for beginners, children from 12 years of age and adults. The course participants was taught both classical and popular domestic and the international rock music.

- 2 years of experience like guitar instructor in Rockschool with brand name "Let's Rock" in Negotin with headquarter from London

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Backing track for improvisation in Cm melodic

genre: backing track for improvisation
streams: 38

Backing track for improvisation in Cm melodic
20 Mar 2017 00:40:41 @ddaneskovic:
This is Backing track for improvisation in C melodic minor. Main chord progression is Dm7-G9-Cm(maj7). Interesting thing is that all sounds are virtual and exported from notation edited in Sibelius.
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26 Mar 2017 19:06:31 @pauljones:
Thanks for the track!I'll try some ideas over it. One with a Dm7b5-Gb9-Cm(maj7) would also ver quite useful! It would have a more 'minor' sound than this one, because of the b5 and b9 in the ii and the V, respectively :)
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27 Mar 2017 01:00:43 @michaelsocarras:
nice hadn't played melodic minor in a bit. !
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