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Technique vs Feeling sucks - and here's why

• Author: @davidsertl
Let us adress the biggest Elephant in the Room when it comes to playing guitar, when it comes to playing music, when it comes to listening music – the seemingly oldest story ever, which is the nonsensical way people approach Feelings in music, and how that seems to have become a problem for a bit too many musicians out there.

Can you do more Impact with less (Blues-) Shred?

• Author: @davidsertl
Can we have more and better Guitarmusic - without waiting for the next Melodyshred Album? A small rant.

The State of Music in the 21th Century

• Author: @davidsertl
This article was written at the beginning of 2016 – where wrapping up the 20th century seems a bit overdue. At least to the author.