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Guide on how to find EVERY note on the fretboard - part 4

Welcome to the fourth part of Learning the fretboard series. In this lesson we will deal with the F note, and the opportunities that bending notes gives us in this particular subject - fretboard knowledge. I assume that you understand the string bending mechanics before you approach this lesson, and that you at least looked at the previous lessons from this series. If you did - let's roll!

Firstly, I will give you a fretboard map of the F note.

   0            3       5       7       9           12

If you don't know how to find the F notes shown in this map, read the previous lesson on magical fretboard triangles

Now let's proceed to the practice of learning the fretboard, using bending. This is one of the first unusual ways of training your brain and fingers to master the fretboard, but it's one of my favourite - it's in "mega chops" style. This means that you will practice at least two things at a time, and in this particular example - you will practice:

  • Fretboard knowledge
  • String bending
  • Ear training

One might wonder, why is here ear training. The answer lays in the whole concept of string bending, and hitting the particular note doing the bend. But, enough of the talking. Tune up your guitar and let's start!

Mechanics of this method:

  1. Find all the F's on the fretboard using the magical triangles method.
  2. Do the 1/2 step and full step bends to the F note, on every place on the neck possible. (The F's on the 1st frets can be bent only using tremolo bar, so if you don't have a tremolo system, bend other ones.)
  3. Play the F's without bending, just to increase the memory and give hands some rest in bending.
  4. Do the bends again.
  5. Enjoy the results.

And in tabs it will look like this:

The half-step bends. Remember about the 0 to 1 tremolo-bar bends.

E |------------0b1-------|-------------12b13-----------||
B |----------------------|-----------------------------||
G |----------------------|-------9b10------------------||
D |-------2b3-------2b3--|-----------------------------||
A |----------------------|--7b8------------------------||
E |--0b1-----------------|--------------------12b13----||

The full-step bends. The bend to the 1st fret is impossible (when you use the F note)

E |----------------------|-------------11b13-----------||
B |----------------------|-----------------------------||
G |----------------------|-------8b10------------------||
D |-------1b3-------1b3--|-----------------------------||
A |----------------------|--6b8------------------------||
E |----------------------|--------------------11b13----||

As always - practice with all the 12 notes! Try to draw it all on paper, to make it easier and every time you do this exercise - remember to hit the exact note that you want to bend to! Practice with a metronome, use different rhythms and grooves, but always stick to the one note that you want to learn! But mostly - have fun!

Daniel Kaczmarczyk.

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