Guitar Strings

Guitar Trapp
2 years ago
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what Strings are you using for electric guitar? what are strings you would recoment for drop tunnings?
I use in the moment Dunlop heavy core, like them, just would like to try some different ones

2 years ago
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Once you get used to a particular type of sound, it is difficult to want to change. So it is good when starting out to try different types of strings. The only problem is that like perfume, you can very quickly get confused when presented with a wide range of possible flavors. Which other strings have you come across? And what is it about the Dunlop heavy core sound you like? On drop tuning guages here is an interesting link

2 years ago
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GHS Boomers for 7 and 6 strings. 10-60 for 7 str 9-42 for 6 str,regular E tuning. 10-46 for strat E,Edrop D tuning. 10-46 GHS Double Ball for Spirit by Steiberger.