How do I bend and release certain strings without flicking other strings?

2 years ago
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Hey guys I have been playing my electric guitar for a while now but each and every time as I am playing I keep on flicking one string as I am playing the other strings. Please help me here guys, I really love playing it.

Joseph Lopez
2 years ago
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Hi @crankificantking. My first advice would be to check if your guitar is properly calibrated. If the strings are set too high, bending and releasing without flicking other strings becomes nearly impossible. Another tip is to practice your bendings really slow, until your fingers get used to the movement with perfect accuracy. Then you can gradually increase the speed, and you will see how the movements feel much more natural. I hope this helps you, at least it helped me with that problema. Cheers!

2 years ago
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When you start playing the guitar it is natural for your fingers to "disobey" you. At first you believe that you would never ever get them to do exactly what you would like to do. And when you see how easily other people seem to play, it is all the more frustrating. But the key is to start slow, gradually and keep at it until finally your mind reconfigures your fingers to do what you want them to do. This obviously will take time. So no worries. 

2 years ago
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Absolutely agree with @jozephlopez and @matthiasg. I have some short difficulty when I'm changing my guitars from 7 string to 6 strings, from Jackson 9-42 to Spirit 10-46. Acoustic guitar after electric guitars it's like another world - wider neck , heavy gauge strings big body, it's totally different feeling.

last year
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Bending is one of the most awesome techniques to use. Everyone loves it! And when you get that final bend in your solo you just feel so good. I suggest that you learn palm muting, that may solve the problem. And with muting you could strum the muted strings along with the string you want to bend and get a cool sound, you should try it! Palm muting is very important in electric guitar because you have a lot of unnecessary feedback you want to mute. If you master palm muting your guitar playing will go to a whole new level and will make you very tight in your technique in general.