Bass Effects

2 years ago
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Any thoughts on bess effects. i.e.. Chorus or Delay.

2 years ago
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I'm not a bass player, but I have a cheap one someone left in our practice room. I refurbished it and I found my russian guitar fuzz "Big Muff" transforms it into a beast!

Yes, big muff rules... Bad thing is it has not got true bypass, so it easily sucks your guitar (or bass) tone. That is why I only plug it when I use it, but hey, great device to get things fatter!

2 years ago
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I'm not a big fan on effects on the bass but I like the sound of chorus and delay when applied to the bass. I like to add a lot of effects to other instruments, but I like a solid bass. It depends on the song and genre I guess. Fuzz, like the Big Muff fl3k says, sounds reall good as well on punchy tracks. Compressors are also useful, they make your playing sound almost flawless if used correctly.

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