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Native New Yorker, long time studio musician and session guitarist Chris Juergensen is in constant demand as a sideman, front man and clinician. He has played sold out venues as intimate as the world famous Blue Note and as large as the Long Beach Auditorium. After teaching guitar for six years at the prestigious Musicians Institute in Los Angeles along side with Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), Scott Henderson and Joe Diorio, Chris left the states to become the Director of Education at Tokyo School of Music in Japan where he resided for fifteen years. He currently divides his time between Tokyo and Los Angeles where he continues to write, record, play and teach. His first solo CD, "Prospects" was critically acclaimed worldwide and his second release,"Big Bad Sun" painted a completely new portrait of him showcasing him as a singer as well as guitarist. The opening song "Sweet Melissa" was used by Australian filmmaker Sean King in his short film "Regrets." His newest CD, "Strange Phenomena" was released in early 2008.

Book "The Infinite Guitar" by Chris Juergensen


Twenty years in the making, this level zero to infinity, 266 page book covers in detail every aspect of the modern guitar. Information includes: applications of chords such as triads, 6, 7th, 9th, 69, add9, 11th, 13th chords, altered dominants, slash chords and voice leading. Also covered in detail are the methods of composition and harmonization. Chapters on improvisation cover the: uses of the major scale and its modes, melodic minor scale and its modes, the half/whole diminished scale, harmonic minor scale, the pentatonic scales and the uses of arpeggios. Sight reading and advice on practicing and ear training are also given special attention. "This book has great sagely advice every creative soul needs to absorb. I wish I'd had this when I was a teen. It's like having your own personal musical mentor!" -Jennifer Batten (solo artist, guitarist for Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck)

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