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How To Choose and Buy the Best Beginner Guitar

When you're a beginner, it's always hard to figure out exactly which guitar you should buy, and how much you should pay for it. Of course, judged from an expert's point of view, these are just a few factors. There may be many more factors worth considering before settling on the ideal beginner's guitar. Here are some tips you could keep in mind when you're thinking of buying a guitar.

Tips For buying A Beginners Guitar

Buying the right guitar is not an easy job. It can be tiring, frustrating and at times you'll feel like buying the next guitar you see, just so that you can stop looking for one. Or worse, you could feel like giving up the idea of learning the guitar altogether. Each individual has a different set of criteria to buy the perfect criteria, and you might not always be able to satisfy all of them at once. The most important thing to remember while buying a guitar is PATIENCE. You will get the right guitar, just have a little patience, and look around as much as you can.

Research well, before you settle for a guitar. Don't just buy the first guitar you see. The web offers you plenty of information. Take a look at it. Visit as many music stores as you can like, just to get an idea of what's on offer. You might have buddies you've been playing the guitar for a while. Ask them. A player is generally capable of giving you the lowdown of where to get the best guitars for the best deals. Beginners are often offered package deals. These deals often give you a free strap, case, tuner, free lessons etc. This would be a wise choice for a beginner because everything you need is provided for. If you're a parent looking to gift your kid a guitar because he seems very interested in learning, this is your best bet.

You are a novice, and yet you want to be a good guitarist. Buying a bad guitar would not only shortchange you but it might also disillusion you. To save yourself from this, it is always wiser to buy from reputed companies such as Yamaha, Ibanez, Fender, Gibson, Ovation, Martin, and Taylor. You'll get to choose from a variety of guitars for your skill level, at an affordable price.

Don't feel shy to take a good look at and play the guitar at the shop. It's a mistake many make. After all you're paying for it, it better be worth it. Check for soppy gluing. It's a bad sign. Also, make sure the guitar has a solid top. Play the guitar as loudly as you want because this is the best way of hearing the tone. Play each fret on the neck to ensure there are no fret buzzes.

This is something many don't know. NEVER pay list price for a guitar because this is usually hugely inflated. Bargain with the sales person and ask for a reasonable discount. You will probably get it. Of course, buying a brand new guitar may not always be possible. In such a case you may consider a good quality second hand guitar. You could use such a guitar especially if you're not sure if this is just a passing phase or whether you'll stick with it. You could ask in music stores about second hand guitars. You could also look up classified ads, online ads and bulletin boards. If it's just not possible for you to go down to a music store and personally select a guitar, you could always buy one online. But you must be careful. Since you're buying the product online, you have no way of checking its finer details. Therefore, before you make any sort of payment, make sure the company has a suitable return policy.

These are some tips on getting the best guitar for a beginner. You could keep them in mind while buying your own. Also, following is a list of the five best acoustic guitars for beginners. You could take a look at them when you go down to the music store. Of course, there's no guarantee that you couldn't find a better one. Seagull S6 Yamaha F310 Takamine G-240 Fender DG-7 Epiphone DR-100 So go ahead, look for your ideal guitar. But search long and hard, because a good guitar, even a simple beginner's one, could last you a lifetime.

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