By michael.socarras, 2017-08-16

Working on my instrumental release.

Several things I've learned while in the process are:

  1. Don't hurry
  2. Learn the harmony well
  3. Learn the melody well
  4. Rehearse the melodies to include phrasing techniques
  5. Shoot for epic songs

When I dont hurry, everything in the world makes sense, and when I do, I'm always in a state of anxiety. This is detrimental to whatever project I'm working on. Not good. 

Learning the harmony is important because it allows you to improvise when playing or recording live. The melody is the most important part of the song in my opinion and probably in Mozart's as well :) and Paganini...and every other melodic master of the world. I have not been practicing my melodies over and over. I have simply been learning them. The days ahead call for melodic mastery of my melodies. 

Stay tuned...

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I Will Teach You To Play Guitar

By MaxTPG, 2017-03-17
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By michael.socarras, 2017-03-06

This past week was a good week. Put up some videos on instagram. Created some new lessons. Worked on mixing my old songs. Now its time to get back to work and focus on ONE thing. Whats your one thing!? :)

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Have you ever seen a band perform at a small bar and thought the guitarist's performed so well you couldn’t believe they were not performing in front of millions? There are tons of incredibly talented guitarists in this world who are unknown or slightly known who either by choice or chance have never gotten to the level of fame that their talent deserves. Here are three guitarists who have all found a tiny amount of success and still remain somewhat unknown, one acoustic, one international-blues, and one electric.

Jon Gomm

Jon Gomm, an acoustic guitarist and singer/songwriter was flung into the limelight with an one word tweet: “wow”. Comedian, director, actor, and writer Stephen Fry, who obtained 4 million followers on Twitter, sent the tweet, which included a link to Jon’s YouTube performance of his song Passionflower, in February 2012.

The tweet caused Jon to immediately gain tons of people’s attention, including Crosby, Nash, Stills, and Young’s, David Crosby. His YouTube video has been viewed over 5.2 million times, to date.
All because of Stephen Fry’s tweet, worldwide interest started flooding in for the individual who at one time turned done a chance to study at The Guitar Institute of Oxford University. Gomm didn’t have the values of the mainstream music industry nor does he perform at mainstream venues or festivals, however, after gaining so much fame, he was scheduled to play in Holland, Turkey and Portugal, along with “15 countries on three continents”, as he stated in an interview with The Daily Mail.
Two albums were recorded by him, the first was released through his own label in 2003. The first album was called Hypertension, and every track on the album was finished in one take. Don’t Panic, released in 2009, is the name of the second album he released. He then put out three singles in 2011 titled: Message in a Bottle, Ain’t Nobody and Passionflower.

Jennifer Batten

Jennifer Batten was born in New York City in 1957, and is a creative electric guitar player who won the sought after spot on Michael Jackson’s “Bad” tour from 1987-1989. Once the tour was over, she released her first album called Above, Below and Beyond. Next, she was asked to play in two of Michael Jackson’s follow-up tours, HIStory and “Dangerous”. She even did a halftime show with Michael in 1993 during the Super Bowl, which was seen by 1.5 billion people in 80 countries.
Jennifer was asked by Jeff Beck to join his band in 1998, and she later worked with him on two of his albums titled: Who Else and You Had it Coming. Both of his albums lead to world tours which featured Jennifer on guitar.
In addition to Jennifer's debut album, she recorded two other albums titled: Jennifer Batten’s Tribal Rage: Momentum in 1997 and Whatever in 2007. Some artists she has worked with, both live and in the studio include Michael Sembello, Carmine Appice, and Miguel Mateos.
Today, Jennifer Batten has been working as a musician touring countries such as Austria, Germany, United States, Italy and Spain. Jennifer also works as a music teacher and uses her passion for the guitar to teach others who are also truly interested in the art.

Ali Farka Toure

Guitarist and singer Ali Farka Toure was born along the Niger River of Mali in 1939. Mr. Toure released a total of 20 albums before he died in March of 2006, and was considered to be one of the most internationally renowned musicians to ever come from Africa. His music is best known for “blending blues” and has often been compared to John Lee Hooker, Sr., U.S. Blues Legend.
Ali Toure appeared in the movie Felt Like Going Home, a documentary released in 2003 by Martin Scorsese and he has also been involved in various movies through his music. Along with winning two Grammy Awards, he was nominated posthumously for his most recent album titled Savane, which was released in July 2009.

There are a ton of guitar players that could make this list, many of who will not become rich or famous doing what they love to do. All guitar players have their own style and if you happen to come across these hidden gems playing at a small bar, you will see they all have the same thing in common, they leave it all on stage.

Speed Demon Wannabe

By michael.socarras, 2016-11-28

This is me. A speed demon wannabe. I made this log to one day be ...a reality.

A speed demon. 

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About me!

By Thomas Berglund, 2015-11-08
About me!

My name is Thomas Berglund and I´m a swedish musician and guitar teacher.
I have played in various genres through the years but no matter what style I play in there´s the improvisation moment I search. I love jazz, blues, country and many styles but there´s in the improvisation my heart is. intention is to have lessons in various genres but to put in solo scales, phrasing and stuff from the improvisation that makes the music comes alive.

For more lessons you can go to my YouTube channel.
http://Thomas Berglund YouTube channel

...and evee more lessons go to my guitar lesson site.

...and here can you listen to my music!

Follow me on Instagram!

/all the best
Thomas Berglund