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Byron has been playing guitar since 1988 and within 15 months, he was playing live shows with his first band. Since then he has continued to perform with various cover and original bands in the Manchester, NH and Boston, MA areas. In 2013, Byron was asked to contribute one of his original songs to an instrumental guitar compilation cd Guitar Feast, featuring several independent musicians which has been released worldwide.

In the summer of 2016, Byron opened up his own music school in Manchester, New Hampshire. Byron is an extremely passionate and driven teacher who wants to help his students succeed and become the guitar players that they’ve dreamed of being. He understands the obstacles that come with learning how to play guitar and he also knows how to help students get past those obstacles and reach their goals.

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Byron Marks
@bc-marks • one month ago • comments: 2
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"Thanks Joseph. You are correct. True mastery of a skill doesn't come in isolation but in combining it with your other skills so that you can seamlessly go..."
Byron Marks
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Focus On Progress - Not Perfection

Byron Marks
@bc-marks • 3 months ago • comments: 3
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"Thank Paul. What I was talking about was holding the chord and moving the bass note to lead into the next chord. It could be considered reharmonization though."