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How to Improve Amp Simulations

• Author: @audioecstasy
Amp simulations have invaded the workflows of everyone making records, from the top down. They come in many forms, from simple standalone units like Line 6's POD, to plug-ins, to thousand-dollar rackmount units. The tonal possibilities are almost limitless, as when working with amp simulation it's possible to mix and match heads, cabinets, and more in ways that would be impossible or implausible in the analog world.

5 Ways to Record an Album Without Bankrupting Yourself

• Author: @james-scott
London-based producer, writer and Audio Engineer James Scott lays out 5 key tips to cut the cost of recording an album without compromising on quality.

The Shapes Of Things To Come

• Author: @chris-juergensen
The record business as we know it is changing into something totally different. I'm going to describe what this means to you and why you should be really, really happy.