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Make An Exotic Guitar Sound By Imitating A Japanese Instrument

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
How to play exotic scales and going a little beyond the 'usual' guitar techniques.

Common, Yet Critical Mistakes You MUST Avoid When Attempting To Play The Chords And Melody Of A Song, On One Guitar, At The Same Time - Part 1

• Author: @simon
Learn how to play both the chords and melody of a song on one guitar. A lot of people struggle doing this due to the lack of a strategy or method of how to go about it. In this article discover the critical mistakes people make when trying to play chord/melody style and how you can avoid them.

Can Someone Be Too Old To Learn Music Theory?

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
After you've been playing music for a little while, it's easy to feel like you don't need theory to help you at all. Or that perhaps you are too old to start taking on something new. Is there any truth in this? Or are you only holding yourself back by putting it off?

5 Ways People Prevent Themselves From Learning To Play Guitar - And How To Avoid Them

• Author: @manchgtrlessons
Many people, without realizing it, prevent themselves from learning to play guitar without every truly knowing if they can play or not. There are 5 barriers that people put up to stop themselves from even trying to learn. Learn what those barriers are and how you can avoid them.

Learn How To Add Percussive Beats To Your Acoustic Guitar Playing

• Author: @simon
Learn how to easily add the awesome style of percussive guitar to your playing. In this video/article I will walk you through a number of simple but great sounding beats and grooves you can create on the body of your acoustic guitar, before mixing these into a chord progression. You'll be playing your acoustic both melodically and percussively at the same time!

Hands position when playing guitar

• Author: @pasha-bocharov
From this article you will find out the essentials of hands position in guitar playing and sound picking

How to play songs on guitar

• Author: @pasha-bocharov
This article is going to be for those, who wants to start playing guitar, but has doubts about it. You will see that paling songs on guitar it's actually pretty easy to do.

How To Sound Like A Pro Fingerpicking Your Guitar

• Author: @simon
Learn one of the most popular and useful fingerpicking patterns for your guitar playing. This is the clawhammer fingerpicking technique, and can be heard in thousands and thousands of fingerpicking songs. Learn how to master this technique so you can freely use it in your guitar playing, effortlessly, and sound like a pro when you do!

How Open Mic Nights Can Help You Further Your Career

• Author: @bands-for-hire
Whether you feel Open Mic Nights have supplanted the pub gigs of hard working bands or have placed local music firmly back into the hands of the people, here's how you can get the most out of them.

Which Instruments Are Best To Compose Music On?

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
Are you someone who would like to start writing music, but are not quite sure which instrument you should learn to write on? If you desire to become a great songwriter more than you do an instrumentalist, is it possible to have one without the other?
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