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Famous Teenage Wizards Don't Make Good Guitar Players

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
Lots of people think that musical ability is like magic in Harry Potter: you are born with it or you are not. Click here to read why this is not true.

Referrals For Finding New Guitar Students – A 3 Step Approach

• Author: @mc9320
Word of mouth is often considered one of the most effective ways to find guitar students. But it can be a S-L-O-W process. Waiting for your friends or existing pupils to recommend you can take a long time to gain significant numbers of new students. However, there is a faster way..

6 Reasons You Should Learn Your Scale Patterns

• Author: @samrussell
Here are 6 excellent reasons that you need to know, about why you should learn your scale patterns.

Blow People Away At Your Next Jam Session With These 3 Cool Ways To Play Blues Rhythm On Your Acoustic Guitar

• Author: @simon
Learn 3 unique, cool, and creative ways to play through a 12 bar blues using various rhythm approaches. Time to ditch the boring, mundane, everyday open chord and bar chord approach and become the guitar player everybody wants to jam with. Learn these awesome acoustic blues guitar rhythm techniques.

Can you do more Impact with less (Blues-) Shred?

• Author: @davidsertl
Can we have more and better Guitarmusic - without waiting for the next Melodyshred Album? A small rant.

Transform Your Acoustic Guitar Playing By Studying Other Instruments

• Author: @simon
As an acoustic guitarist it's very beneficial to your playing to study other instruments. Not so much in how to play them, but in how they play, arrange, and execute their notes. It's not only a lot of fun to do, but arranging the music other instruments play on your acoustic guitar is a great way to massively expand and improve your creativity and innovation on the instrument.

Are You A Naturally Talented Guitar Player?

• Author: @manchester-nh-guitar-lessons
What is natural talent and how can you get it?

How To Sound Better Than The Original Song When Creating Your Unplugged Acoustic Version

• Author: @simon
Learn how to create your own awesome sounding unplugged acoustic versions of any song by carefully listening, observing, and analysing exisiting acoustic arrangements. We will take a look at 5 great acoustic renditions of songs and by doing so, learn some very cool and unique techniques and approaches you can use in your own acoustic arrangements.

The State of Music in the 21th Century

• Author: @davidsertl
This article was written at the beginning of 2016 – where wrapping up the 20th century seems a bit overdue. At least to the author.

Goals and Roadmaps

• Author: @matteo-miller-nicolato
How each musical skill will specifically help you to improve your guitar playing.
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