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7 Ways To Improve Your Guitar Tone And Not Spend Money

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
The guitar industry can put a lot of pressure on guitarists to constantly buy new equipment in order to achieve the best tone. It's what keeps them going.

Customising a Swift Guitar

• Author: @wknellor
budget customizing

Customising an Affordable Guitar Into Something Unique and Awesome... on a Budget

• Author: @wknellor
The guitar that you see here started life as a standard Aria stg, with just standard specification and the normal three single coil pickups to a standard strat wiring. The guitar originally had a Rosewood fretboard on a maple neck.

Tips for Making Your Guitar Play Better

• Author: @audioecstasy
This article focuses on some simple and often overlooked steps that can be taken to make your guitar play better. What does “play better” mean? Better feel, better response, better tone, and a better show.

Top Wood and High Tension Strings; Action Adjustment; Guitar Body Frame

• Author: @steven-bayes
Top wood bending on guitars with high tension strings has been observed and patches as well as manufacturing ideas for a possible solution of the problem have been proposed.

Repair of a Loose Guitar Neck and Lower Bridge

• Author: @steven-bayes
A loose guitar neck has been successfully, strongly, steadily and reliably repaired by carefully positioning a thin and long woodscrew. Machine screw can also be used.

Guitar Made Out of Metal

• Author: @steven-bayes
A more versatile, stronger, customizable, reliable, inexpensive guitar made out of metal may easily be manufactured. The principle “hardware as software” can be applied to the guitar too, in this case, the principle would be “guitar as software”.

The Pick

• Author: @steven-bayes
A technique of fast picking with a cylindrical pick where the angle of turning is has been experimented with. The technique produced a significant improvement in the speed and accuracy of playing without sacrificing the sound volume. A new pick design has been proposed.

Buyer's Guide To Guitar Bridges

• Author: @leokisomma
Okay, so you want to buy a new guitar, and you heard from a friend that there's a really good one out there, but when you look at it, the guitar has a different setup than the one you're already using. Should you still go ahead and buy it, or walk away and get something else? This Article should hopefully help you with that.

How To Intonate A Guitar

• Author: @leokisomma
This is a grey area for a lot of people. You've tuned your guitar up using a tuner but the notes still don't sound quite right, so what can be wrong with it? The answer is intonation. In this lesson I will show you how to intonate your guitar where it is a fixed or floating bridge in very simple and easy to follow steps.
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