Guitar Articles for Beginners

When Can You Start Being Creative With The Guitar

• Author: @manchgtrlessons
There are many beginning guitar players who don't think that they are good enough to write their own music on guitar. This article will help you see ways that you can be creative right now. Even if you have one take one guitar lesson

7 Reasons Why Single Note Guitar Playing Should Be Important To You (Even If You Only Play Rhythm Guitar)

• Author: @jason-wilford
Quite often I have students who are quite adamant that they only want to learn chords, and that's fine. But it's important to be educated to know just what you're missing if you decide to go down this path.

5 Ways People Prevent Themselves From Learning To Play Guitar - And How To Avoid Them

• Author: @manchgtrlessons
Many people, without realizing it, prevent themselves from learning to play guitar without every truly knowing if they can play or not. There are 5 barriers that people put up to stop themselves from even trying to learn. Learn what those barriers are and how you can avoid them.

Hands position when playing guitar

• Author: @pasha-bocharov
From this article you will find out the essentials of hands position in guitar playing and sound picking

How to play songs on guitar

• Author: @pasha-bocharov
This article is going to be for those, who wants to start playing guitar, but has doubts about it. You will see that paling songs on guitar it's actually pretty easy to do.

How Open Mic Nights Can Help You Further Your Career

• Author: @bands-for-hire
Whether you feel Open Mic Nights have supplanted the pub gigs of hard working bands or have placed local music firmly back into the hands of the people, here's how you can get the most out of them.

How to play guitar and make sound out of the instrument

• Author: @pasha-bocharov
From this article you will find the guitar essentials, like: Names and numbers of strings, What the frets are, How to make sound out of your guitar, Remembering exercises,

Guitar chords switching routine for beginners

• Author: @pasha-bocharov
I often see guitarists, who know some of the chords, but come to my guitar lessons because they have difficulties with changing them. Mostly, they haven’t trained this element separately. So, now they have troubles.

How to develop good rhythmic skills on the guitar

• Author: @pasha-bocharov
If you have struggling strumming in time or playing alternative picking etc., this is the article for you. Learn 3 reasons why you playing is not tight with the rhythm and what is solutions to solve it.

Ways To Get Over The Intermediate Guitar Playing Hump

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
Once you are familiar with the basics of guitar playing, what exactly are the next steps that you should be taking?
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