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Learn To Play Guitar With A Slide And Watch Your Creativity Soar To New Heights!

• Author: @simon
While the sound of slide guitar may be familiar to most guitar players, many don't ever consider adopting it as part of their guitar playing arsenal. Check this article out to get the basics of slide guitar playing down in an easy to understand step by step method, and start using it to create awesome sounding licks straight away!

The Most Common Reason Why You Can't Speed Up Your Alternate Picking

• Author: @pasha-bocharov
Today I would like to talk to you about a very useful guitar technique – alternate picking. I will tell you about it’s essentials and the most frequent problem, that a lot of guitarists have with it.

How to play guitar and make sound out of the instrument

• Author: @pasha-bocharov
From this article you will find the guitar essentials, like: Names and numbers of strings, What the frets are, How to make sound out of your guitar, Remembering exercises,

Sound Like A Pro With This Blues Guitar Fingerpicking Technique For Your Playing

• Author: @simon
Learn this very simple yet advanced sounding fingerpicking blues guitar technique. With this approach you will be able to play both the rhythm and lead parts to a blues at the same time, on the one guitar!

Add An Immediate Creative Spark to Your Guitar Playing

• Author: @bc-marks
At some time during your journey as a guitarist and musician, you will feel like your guitar playing has gotten boring and predictable. You see yourself playing the same things over and over again and are looking for a way to add something new and fresh to your playing.

How to read guitar chord diagrams

• Author: @pasha-bocharov
This is an article for people, who wants to understand what is it – a chord, and how to take it with the help of a graphic diagram to learn the songs, that use chords.

How to recognize notes of the chords on the guitar

• Author: @pasha-bocharov
How to find out quickly, which notes a chord contains? How this knowledge could help you to make chords sound more interesting? And, after all, why learning this skill is so necessary for a good musician? This column is for those, who are already familiar with the notes, chords, triads and how they are made.

Guitar chords switching routine for beginners

• Author: @pasha-bocharov
I often see guitarists, who know some of the chords, but come to my guitar lessons because they have difficulties with changing them. Mostly, they haven’t trained this element separately. So, now they have troubles.

Cool and agressive six string sweep picking arpeggios

• Author: @pasha-bocharov
In this lesson, we will have a look at the piece of sweep solo from the song “Unholy Warcry” by Rhapsody of Fire.

How to develop good rhythmic skills on the guitar

• Author: @pasha-bocharov
If you have struggling strumming in time or playing alternative picking etc., this is the article for you. Learn 3 reasons why you playing is not tight with the rhythm and what is solutions to solve it.
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