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Can You Have No Talent But Still Play Guitar?

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
Jealousy and laziness are a dangerous combo. The two of them together have what it takes to convince any musician that somehow they are inherently bad at music. They trick you into wondering "Am I talented enough to play the guitar?"

Make Playing Guitar Easier For Yourself

• Author: @bc-marks
Many beginning guitar students say that their hands are sore or tired after a few minutes of playing chords. There are many reasons why this happens, lets take a look at one of them and how to fix it right now.

How Visualization Can Make You A Better Musician

• Author: @manchgtrlessons
You do not always have to have your guitar with you to practice your guitar playing.

Think That Chords Are For Strumming Only? It’s Time You Learned What A Great Tool These Are For Your Acoustic Guitar Soloing!

• Author: @simon
As guitar players we all use chords for playing rhythm guitar parts to a song. This is fine, however chords can also be a great soloing tool when used correctly. You may choose to use them a little here and there in your solos, or you may create a full blown chord solo. It's up to you. In this article I will show you how to go about this, so you will have more ways than ever to use chords in your guitar playing.

Running A PA For The Guitarist - Part 2

• Author: @dannobles
EQ Basics - After getting a good signal in into the PA the next item down our list is the EQ. As a guitarist, this is an area we should have some experience with. And even if you are not the one running the PA, understanding the EQ is still very useful.

Are You In A Slump With Your Guitar Playing? Get Out Of It Right Now With These 3 Unique Ways To Play Your Acoustic Guitar - Part 2

• Author: @simon
Part 2 of ways to inspire new found creativity and inspiration into your acoustic guitar playing. If you've ever felt like you have hit the wall with your guitar playing, and we all do, then check this article out where a further 3 ways are presented to you that will help reignite your creativity on the guitar.

WHY play the guitar?

• Author: @ivo
13 reasons to start learning guitar

Are These Three False Ideas About Music Theory Keeping You From Learning Guitar?

• Author: @tommaso-zillio
Articles saying music theory is difficult and not worth learning are penned every day, but is there really any truth to them? Or are they keeping you from reaching your potential?

Cool, Unique, And Creative Ways To Make Your Very Own Unplugged Acoustic Guitar Version Of A Song

• Author: @simon
Learn how to create your own unplugged versions of "electric guitar" songs on your acoustic guitar. This involves much more than simply copying the original song, as it is, onto your acoustic. Rather, you need to tap into, and exploit the unique characteristics of an acoustic to compensate for things the electric guitar has that the acoustic doesn't. Read this article to get started doing this right now!

Running a PA for the Guitarist - Part 1

• Author: @dannobles
Gain Staging - This article deals with likely the single most important aspect of good sound which is to get the gain set right before you even start the show.
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