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- Guitarist and singer for the band Partyblues and my solo project. Formerly I had some success with my band Gallery. 

- Current Album: Andreas Vockrodt - Adventures From Foggyland 

Organizer of the "Guitar World Record" & current "Guinness Guitar World Record Holder - Largest Guitar Ensemble with 1802 guitarists" from July 23rd 2007.

Teacher in Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Bandcoaching

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Sergeant Tapper's Amazing Box Of Lullabies

album: Andreas Vockrodt - Adventures From Foggyland
genre: Instrumental Rock
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Sergeant Tapper's Amazing Box Of Lullabies
16 Nov 2015 11:08:45 @andreasv:
First song from my album "Adventures From Foggyland". You can find the video here:
Andreas Vockrodt 21 Is Only Half The Truth Album Adventures From Foggyland 2015

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17 Nov 2015 22:13:45 @spoonman:
Why dont you just add your videos under your profile's video section instead of adding a link here? You can do it even for your youtube videos.
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