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Make Fingerpicking Easy To Do By Simplifying It - The Power Of 3

In this video, I show you the only 3 approaches that exist for fingerpicking guitar.  

It really is this simple, yet many people unnecessarily overcomplicate fingerpicking.

Focusing on just 3 approaches allows you to build the techniques required to play any fingerpicking pattern you like.

What are these 3 approaches?

• Fingerpicking Pattern Approach 1: Single Notes

Plucking notes in a singular fashion is one way to approach fingerpicking guitar. Simple, but it’s something you will do all the time. Work on this technique and any pattern that uses single notes will be easy for you to play.

• Fingerpicking Pattern Approach 2: Notes Together

Plucking multiple notes together is another approach to fingerpicking guitar. There are only so many combinations, far less than single notes. Get this technique down and you will gain access to even more patterns.

• Fingerpicking Pattern Approach 3: Pinching

Pinching notes together is the third approach. It is similar to notes together but involves your thumb and one other finger. If you’ve ever played “Blackbird” by The Beatles, you’ll be well familiar with this technique

Watch the video below to learn more:

Fingerpicking Approach 1: Single Note

• Single Note Pattern

Here is a typical fingerpicking pattern using the single note approach:


• Single Note Example

In the following etude the single note approach is being used:


Fingerpicking Approach 2: Notes Together

• Note Together Pattern

Here are some typical ways to pluck notes together.

Example 1:


Example 2:  


Example 3:  


• Note Together Example

In the following etude the note together approach is being used:


Fingerpicking Approach 3: Pinching

• Pinching Pattern

Here are some typical ways to pinch notes together:


• Pinching Example

In the following etude the pinching approach is being used:


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About The Author:

Simon Candy is a highly successful, experienced, and sought after guitar instructor who specialises in the acoustic guitar. Fluent in styles such as blues, jazz, rock, and fingerpicking, Simon offers lessons for acoustic guitar players online