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How To Fingerpick Guitar Using 6th Harmony

In this video tutorial, I show you a really cool way to fingerpick guitar using the harmony of a 6th.  

You are going to play a chord progression without playing a single chord.

How do you do that exactly?

You imply the chords instead, and in this lesson I show you how to do that with 6th harmony.

What you are about to see is an excerpt from a masterclass I taught in Chicago, USA.

In this class, I present to you a typical chord progression and then show you how to imply the chords of the progression using 6th harmony.

We will do this in a fingerpicking guitar context and bring in the awesome sound of open droning strings to our 6ths.

Watch the video below to learn more:

6th Harmony

The Concept:

Harmonised 6ths G Major Scale Ascending

The following is the G major scale played on the 3rd string harmonised in 6ths:


Harmonised 6ths G Major Scale Descending

Here is the same scale harmonised in 6ths descending:


Harmonised 6ths Open String Drone 1

Here is the G Major scale harmonised in 6ths adding the drone of the open second string:



Harmonised 6ths Open String Drone 2

Here is the G Major scale harmonised in 6ths adding the drone of the open sixth string:



Harmonised 6ths Open String Drone 3

Here is the G Major scale harmonised in 6ths adding the drone of the open fifth string:



6th Harmony Masterclass Example

The Progression

Here is the chord progression used in the masterclass:


6th Harmony Fingerpicking Chord Progression

6th Harmony Application Example

Here is the example from the masterclass of 6ths being used to spice up a chord progression. Focus on the concept behind this example, not the example itself:



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About The Author:

Simon Candy has been teaching, training, and coaching people to learn guitar for over 2 decades. Regularly in high demand, Simon specialises   in acoustic guitar through styles including jazz, blues, rock, and fingerstyle. Simon also offers tuition for acoustic guitar online