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How To Play The Blues In DADGAD Tuning

One way to freshen up the sound of your blues guitar playing is to explore the genre in DADGAD tuning.

In this video, I show you a number of tasty blues licks in DADGAD.

You first learn the DADGAD blues scale which is quite possibly the simplest scale you’ll ever learn on guitar.

From here, I show you a number of tasty blues licks derived from this scale. 

Finally, you learn how to put these DAGDAD blues licks into music so you can use them in your playing. I’ll show you a simple way to not only do this, but also provide the accompaniment for your licks at the same time on one guitar.

Check out the video below to learn more:

DADGAD Blues Scale

Here is the DADGAD blues scale:


DADGAD Blues Licks

The following are blues licks that come from the DADGAD blues scale.

Blues Lick 1

This lick descends the blues scale using 1/4 step bends:


Blues Lick 2

This lick features triplets for a cool sound: DADGADGuitarBluesLick2.png

Blues Lick 3

More triplets. This time descending the DADGAD blues scale:


Blues Lick 4

Rhythmic variation is provided in this lick with the triplet on beat 3:


Blues Lick 5

This lick features double stop triplets. The slides are used to punctuate the beat:


Droning DADGAD Blues Licks

The following are variations of the licks above. Each lick is played against the drone of the low open D string:

Blues Drone Lick 1

This lick is a combination of blues licks 1 and 2:


Blues Drone Lick 2

This lick is a variation of blues lick 2:


Blues Drone Lick 3

This lick is an idea that comes from blues lick 4:


Blues Drone Lick 4

This lick is an idea that comes from blues lick 2:


Blues Drone Lick 5

This lick is based off of blues lick 5, continuing with the double stop triplet idea:  


DADGAD Blues Vamp

The following are examples of applying DADGAD blues licks across a bluesy vamp:

Example 1

This first example is based around Blues Drone Lick 1:


Example 2

This example is based around Blues Drone Lick 3:


Example 3

This last example runs through a number of licks from above to show you how to create a continuous loop applying your DADGAD blues licks as you go:







Learn all the basics of DADGAD for guitar to be up and running with this beautiful, lush tuning

About The Author:   Living in Melbourne, Australia and in regular high demand, Simon Candy has over 25 years of teaching experience. Specialising in the acoustic guitar, Simon offers acoustic guitar lessons online